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University of Life Sciences in Lublin
Institute of Soil Science, Environment Engineering and Management
Department of Soil Science

dr hab. Maja Bryk

tel: +48 81 5248117

MSc. thesis (1996): Research on the stability of dispersed systems at the presence of selected stabilizers - Faculty of Chemistry, MCS University, Lublin, Poland
PhD. thesis (2001): Development of structure indices on the basis of morphological, morphometrical, and physical properties of soil - Faculty of Agriculture, UA, Lublin, Poland
Habilitation (2018): Macrostructure quantification for assessment of soil physical state and its transformation - Faculty of Agrobioengineering, UoLS, Lublin, Poland

Main areas of study:
Soil - Structure - Morphometry - Physical properties - Air and water properties - Environment protection - Geomatics

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